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Certuse Adjustment, Inc

Independent Insurance Adjusters & Appraisers

Independent Insurance Adjusters & Appraisers

Independent Insurance Adjusters & AppraisersIndependent Insurance Adjusters & Appraisers

About Us


Incorporated in 1994, Certuse Adjustment, Inc. has been a leading Independent Insurance Adjusting firm representing multiple carriers for over 26 years.  Founded by Louis J. Certuse, the company has evolved into a multi-line adjusting firm that services Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut.


What we do

We handle 1st & 3rd party claims resulting from fire, smoke,  water, wind, theft, vandalism, identity theft and other perils.  From initial contact with the Insured, to our estimating and reporting to our carriers, we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Our Team

Adjusters & Appraisers


 Our Adjusting Staff is comprised of insurance industry professionals and former contractors with a vast degree of knowledge relative to construction, coverage and insurance law.  We are well trained in various estimating platforms and hold licenses and certifications relating insurance, mitigation, estimating & construction.   

Administrative Staff


Our Administrative Support Staff assists with all aspects of the claims handling process.  From initial immediate contact & file set up, to assisting with assembling necessary documentation, our team works together to move all claims towards settlement.

What people are saying

Good Afternoon Craig, 

Thanks in large part to your efforts investigating subrogation potential on this file from the very outset, I am pleased to inform you that we were able to recover $150,000 from the at-fault party at long last. 

Additionally, your deposition regarding the handling of the adjustment went a long way towards the successful end result. 

We are truly appreciative of everything you did for us in helping achieve this recovery. 

-Subrogation Counsel 

Excellent work by both of you to bring this large loss to a final resolution ahead of the statute.  This loss was very involved in terms of the magnitude, evaluation of coverage provisions, the amount of required code, the expert involvement and you both did a great job in keeping the communication open with the agent throughout.

Thank you for your excellence in handling.

-Claims Manager

Good morning Glenn,

Just wanted to let you know that the insured responded to a customer service survey on a claim you handled.  "Mr. & Mrs. M" stated that you were prompt, courteous, professional, and that you knew your job and did it well.  We do not get too many compliments in this career we have chosen.  

Thank you very much for not only providing the customer service you do for all of our insureds, but especially that extra step you took with the "M's" during the claims process.   We really appreciate it.

-Claims Examiner


Received a call from "Mr. L"  just a few minutes ago; he could not say enough good things about you and your handling of this loss, including your thoroughness, attentiveness and response. He stated he could count on one hand the number of people he has met in his life with your professionalism.

Thanks, as always, for the great job you do...we certainly appreciate it.

-Satisfied Insured


 Hi Rick,

Thank you so much for coming out to view the deck, and the very prompt and detailed estimate that you sent me...the same day!  

Thanks again to you and the others at Certuse for your prompt professional service.  I wish I had notified my insurance company a couple of weeks ago rather than trying to deal with the tree service's insurance company. 

-Satisfied Insured


Special thanks to you for going above and beyond with this serious loss.  

Your determined and sustained efforts have made a very positive impression on this insured and we at (Insurance Carrier) truly value this kind of top notch service.

-Claims Manager

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